We follow the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum (www.foundationyears.org.uk). This focuses on the development of each individual child.

The EYFS principles, which guide the work of all practitioners, are grouped into four distinct but complementary themes: 

  • A unique child 
  • Positive Relationships 
  • Enabling Environments 
  • Learning and Development 

The themes are each broken down describing how the principles can be put into practice. There are seven areas covered by the educational programmes, which celebrate the skill and competence of young children: 

  • Personal, Social and Emotional Development 
  • Communication and Language 
  • Physical Development 
  • Literacy 
  • Mathematics 
  • Understanding of the World 
  • Expressive Arts and Design 

By playing and interacting with others, children will progress through the seven areas of development. Each child has a dedicated key teacher who has an excellent knowledge of these areas and understands what activities are needed to help their key children progress through their development. Parents have the opportunity to meet their child’s key worker at the annual parents meeting for detailed information about their child’s progress. Written reports are also sent home and your child’s learning journey is thoroughly documented in a beautiful learning journal with photos and observations. These also act as a keepsake of your child’s time with us at Hillside. 

Examples of typical activities your child will take part in can be viewed here.